Moving America Toward Justice | Lawyers Committee 50th Anniversary

President John F. Kennedy enlists the private bar's leadership to combat racial discrimination, founding the Lawyers' Committee in 1963.

Barbara Arnwine & Jon Greenbaum speak outside the supreme court after oral arguments on the Voting Rights Act (February 28, 2013).

Learn how the Lawyers’ Committee’s  legacy is intertwined with the civil rights movement.

The 50th Anniversary Legal Symposium: Get information about the agenda and access additional resources.

Moving America Toward Justice

This year the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law celebrates five decades of leading the legal community in the fight to Move America Toward Justice. To commemorate this milestone and our shared legacy and ongoing commitment to racial and social justice, we have launched the comprehensive 50th Anniversary Toward Justice Campaign. We are much honored that civil rights legend Representative John Lewis has agreed to serve as Grand Marshal. This national initiative is highlighting the critical role of the rule of law has played in the progress that has been made and why it is so important in addressing the challenges that remain.

Commemorative Events, Celebrations and Programming

The Toward Justice Campaign will feature a variety of commemorative events, celebrations and programming. Events will take place in New York and Washington, D.C., with supporting regional activities such as receptions, and media outreach. Some of the key features of this national campaign are outlined below.

  • 2013 Higginbotham Dinner Honoring JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank and Michael Cavanagh
  • Kick-off Reception with members of Congress
  • Alumni Reunion
  • Legal Symposia
  • Commemorative Book

Grand Marshal U.S. Representative John Lewis

“We are proud of the battles we have fought and won, the progress we have made. We also look to the future, to the ongoing struggle that will be borne by a new generation of activists and leaders, including those in the legal community who are mobilized so effectively by the Lawyers' Committee in the fight for racial and social justice in America.”

U.S. Rep. John Lewis
Grand Marshal
Toward Justice Commission

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Executive Director Barbara R. Arnwine

“The Lawyers' Committee has helped to change our society for the better, through educational outreach, research and reporting, litigation and legal advocacy. With our partners throughout the legal community, we will continue to mobilize the power of the private bar to inspire people to stand up for civil rights and seek economic, social and racial justice for all Americans.”

Barbara R. Arnwine
Executive Director, Lawyers Committee
For Civil Rights Under Law